What lies behind us
and what lies before us
are tiny matters
compared to
what lies within us.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

A healer.

I am drawn to working with women in deep ways on the things that they feel most stuck with during the prenatal and postpartum periods. I understand what it takes to heal the whole self, as I has navigated my own healing journey with chronic illness and inflammation, food sensitivities, stress, and challenging family dynamics. I have formal training in nutrition and mental health counseling, via a dual Masters degree from Bastyr University, and I aspire to add a layer of energy work to my training soon. 


A mother.

Daughter. Wife. Sister. Granddaughter. Niece. Aunt. Friend.
I believe that the growth and change we create for ourselves happens within the dynamics of our closest relationships, both influencing and influenced by our significant others. I also believe in the immense power of the relationship we have with ourselves and I therefore promote self-awareness and self-care as essential tools for wellness.



A human being.

Have you ever heard of the expression that we are “human beings, not human doings?”

I so appreciate the power of the present moment and the clarity that can come through grounding and reconnecting to personal values.  I know how easy it is to get so caught up in to-do lists and the tasks and roles expected of us that we don't take time to slow down and witness our own experiences.  No stranger to this way of human doing, I am grateful for mindfulness tools in my own life and the ability to share them with you so that you, too, can spend some time practicing the essence of what it means to be a human being and to take action - the doing - based on what stems from within.